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Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Mercedes-Benz of Oxford's relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

The term 'Mercedes-Benz of Oxford' or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is:

Gerard Mann Limited Inchcape House Inchcape Retail Limited Inchcape House, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1HT Registered in England and Wales No. 660644.   The term 'you' refers to the user or viewer of our website.



1.1 You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of any order you submit and for giving us any necessary information relating to the Goods in sufficient time to enable us to perform our obligations in accordance with these terms.

1.2 No order shall be deemed to be accepted by us unless and until it is confirmed by email or in writing by us and payment has been accepted. We reserve the right to reject any order or offer of a contract to purchase goods.

1.3 Any advice or recommendation given on this website or otherwise given to you by us, or any of our employees or agents, is followed or acted upon entirely at your own risk and, accordingly, we shall not be liable for such advice or recommendation.

Product availability and descriptions

2.2 We take care to ensure that all colours are correct at the time of their publication. However, the representation of colours on your browser may vary from the actual colours.

2.3 All Goods are subject to availability and continuous development. Their specification can change and may differ from those outlined on this website or in any publication.

2.4 "Mercedes-Benz", "smart", “Maybach”, “AMG”, “BRABUS”, the "3 Pointed Star" device, and associated logos are registered trademarks. We recognise all copyrights and trademarks. Where possible, we have acknowledged the copyright holder. Please let us know if there has been any oversight. All material copyright herewith belongs to Inchcape Retail, Mercedes-Benz, DaimlerChrysler or holders indicated. Duplication, transmission in any form, or use of text or images without obtaining our permission in writing before hand is strictly forbidden.


3 Any typographical, clerical or other error or omission on any page of this website or in any sales literature, quotation, price list issued by us shall be subject to correction without any liability on our part.


4.1 The price of the Goods will be the price set out on the relevant page of this website. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time however, if we accept an order from you, the price for the Goods will be the price set out on the relevant page at the time the order for them is placed.

4.2 Prices for Goods on this website are shown in £ sterling (GBP) and are inclusive of UK VAT. 4.3 Transactions authorized on this site will appear on your credit card statement as "Inchcape Mercedes Parts" Transactions will be effected in £ sterling (GBP) and, where applicable, converted to your home currency at the rate prevailing on the date of the transaction.

Payment Method

5.1 Upon providing us with details of your chosen payment card and submitting an order, you confirm that you are authorized to use the payment card to pay for Goods on the order and authorize us to deduct from the payment card the full price of the Goods and all other payments due such as delivery charges.

5.2 Where Goods are returned to us in accordance with these terms, we will credit the payment card with the appropriate amount.


6.1 The Goods will be delivered to the address shown for delivery on your order form. Items ordered together might not be dispatched together due to constraints of packing or availability.

6.2 Stock items will be dispatched within one working day of receipt of order using a next working day delivery service, we will advise you of an expected delivery date for any items not available from stock. If you require a faster or guaranteed delivery service, you should call our Parts line (0845 125 8999) to discuss your requirements and we will advise you availability and any additional costs.

6.3 Whilst every effort is made to deliver the Goods in accordance with the time-scales set out, we do not accept any liability for late delivery of the Goods.

Delivery Charges

7.1 In addition to the price of the Goods, a delivery charge will be advised. We will contact you in the event of any order exceeding the shipping criteria due to excess size or weight. We can currently only deliver to UK addresses. Please contact us if you would like an item to be delivered internationally. A further charge will be levied for international deliveries, which will be advised on our acceptance of the order.

Cancellation and returns

8.1 We have made returns as easy as possible for you. You may return a product within 7 working days (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) following the date of delivery. The product you wish to return must be in a saleable condition with its original packaging.  When we receive the product we will issue a refund of the cost of the product and any delivery costs.  However you are responsible for any costs incurred in returning the product to us.

8.3 If the product is found to be damaged upon delivery you must notify us as soon as possible so that we may arrange for the return of the product.


Data Protection

9.1 Mercedes-Benz is a trading name of DaimlerChrysler UK Limited, which is part of the DaimlerChrysler Group. Mercedes-Benz of Oxford, or DaimlerChrysler group companies, may use your personal details and information we obtain from other sources to contact you about our products, services and special offers, or customer services, or for the purposes of research and analysis.  
By providing us with your mobile telephone number or email address you consent to being contacted by these methods (which may include SMS) for these purposes. 
If you do not wish to receive information in a particular format please write to Allan Adams C/O Mercedes-Benz of Coventry, Wheler Road, Whitley, Coventry CV3 4LA or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


10.1 All contracts, rights and Terms & Conditions will be subject to English law.

10.2 If any Term, or part of a Term, is deemed to be unenforceable we shall not attempt to rely upon it, however it shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining Terms.

Our stock includes the following parts

Engine Housing Assemblies Crankcase lower section Crankcase upper section (w/cyl.) Crankcase upper section (wo/cyl.) lateral parts Cylinder head and cyl. head cover Cylinder lower section Cylinder side cover Cylinders (wo/crankcase upper section) jacket Oil filler and crankcase ventilation Oil reservoir Prechamber, burner, nozzles Moving parts 2nd order counterbalancing unit Assemblies Connecting rod and bearing shells Crankshaft bearing shells Crankshaft eccentric shaft Flywheel Piston and accessories Reduction gear Starting crank jaw and nut Vibration damper Timing gear and chain drive Assemblies Camshaft drive gear and chain drive Crankshaft and camshaft bearings Decompressor Rocker arms Timing slide valve and control Valve tappets Valves Speed governor and tachometer Assemblies Governor and arts Governor drive Governor mounting bracket and throttle linkage Oil pressure safety shut – off Starting and stopping solenoid and linkage Tachometer, sending unit and attachment Carburetor and injection pump Assemblies Carburetor Carburetor (contin) accelerator pump Injection pump Injection pump attachment Injection pump drive Injection timer and control Lines on engine Throttle linkage Fuel feed pump and supercharger pump Air cleaner and intake silencer Air starting device Assemblies Fuel feed pump Fuel filter for large industrial engines Fuel vacuum pump Scavenging pump Suction air line and compressed air line Supercharger (compressor) turbine Supercharger drive and hydraulic pump Bottle gas and wood gas systems Assemblies Bottle gas unit Wood gas system, throttle valve Air compressor Air compressor and attachment Air lines on engine Assemblies Drive Suction pump Intake manifold and exhaust manifold Assemblies Exhaust brake Exhaust heater Exhaust manifold – exhaust nozzle Intake manifold Electric equipment on engine Assemblies Generator Generator attachment, drive Ignition coil and distributor Instruments (industrial engine) Interference suppression components Magneto ignition and driving parts Spark plugs and glow plugs, bus bar Starter and attaching parts Starter control Air starting device Air cylinders and lines Air valve Assemblies Compressed air starter Drain valve Starting valve Oil pump and lubrication line Assemblies Lubrication oil line Oil cooling and oil line Oil filter and oil pressure relief valve Oil pump and drive; oil pressure relief valve Oil pump drive, engine driven Oil temperature regulator Suction strainer Engine cooling Assemblies Blower Blower drive Fan Fan drive Rapid heater Sea water or bilge pump Thermostat and cooling water line Water pump Water pump drive Engine accessories and mounting Assemblies Cranking device Engine accessories and tools Engine mounting, front and center Engine mounting, rear and lateral Marine engine mounting, attachment and drive Special engine tools Special equipment Assemblies Attached components for large engines Component drive (air contioner) Engine warm – up device (cold start) Hydraulic pump Special frame and parts for components Starting device (for separate starter) Vacuum pump Engine mounting in vehicle Assemblies Engine mounting, front Engine mounting, rear and lateral Engine support frame Clutch Assemblies Clutch and control for power take – off Clutch brake Clutch housing Clutch parts for large engines and units Clutch release parts Clutch shaft Fluid coupling Vacuum centrifugal force controls Transmission Assemblies Countershaft Housing Main shaft Oil pump in transmission Power take – off, speedometer drive Remote gearshift, column gearshiftShift forks, rails, shafts Standard gearshift Transmission mounting Automatic hydraulic transmission Assemblies Automatic gearshift system assy Compressed air range selection, vacuum Drive shaft and gears Housing and clutch parts Level control Mechanical control linkage Oil pump in transmission Reduction gear Speedometer drive and power take – off Transfer case and boat reversing and red. gear Assemblies Clutch Drive shaft, front and rear axle Gearshift and shift lever Housing Housing of boat reversing and reduction gear Input and output, boat reversing and reduction gear Main shaft and gears Oil pump and control of boat rev. and red. Gear Transfer case mounting Pedals Assemblies Brake control system, hydraulic Brake pedal and control system Clutch control system Clutch control system, automatic and hydraulic Clutch pedals Pedal shaft and mount Throttle linkage Accelerator linkage Assemblies Ignition control linkage Manual throttle linkage Remote control throttle linkage Special throttle linkage (autom.transmission) Frame Assemblies Auxiliary frame Cross member and gusset plate (contin) Cross member or tubular cross member Frame components, body members Other frame cross members Side member Trailer coupling, pintle hook Springs and suspension Air suspension, front, hydraulic – pneumatic susp Air suspension, rear hydraulic – pneumatic susp Assemblies Compensation spring and adjustment Front shock absorber and torsion bar Front spring Front spring Rear shock absorber and torsion bar Rear spring Rear spring Front axle Assemblies Control lever and wishbone Front axle beam and axle housing Front axle drive and differential Front wheel drive shaft and joint Front wheel hubs and bearings Ring and pinion drive, planetary gear Steering arm, tie rod Steering knuckle Rear axle Assemblies Control rod, rear front axle steering knuckle Overdrive Rear axle drive and differential Rear axle shaft supporting tube Rear axle support Rear wheel hubs and bearings Ring and pinion drive, planetary hub reduction gear Thrust tube Caterpillar Assemblies Road wheel, track support rollers Track, track plate Trailing axles Assemblies Axle beam Road wheels and bearing Suspension and support Wheels and tyres Assemblies Front wheels and tires Rear wheels and tires Spare wheel carrier Propeller shaft Assemblies Disengagement device Intermediate shaft bearing Propeller shaft and intermediate shaft Brakes Air line Assemblies Brake control system (linkage) Front wheel brakes Front wheel brakes (cont) Hand brake lever and parking brake Oil line Rear wheel brakes Rear wheel brakes (cont) Transmission brake Brakes (cont) Aerodynamic brake Assemblies Exhaust brake Hydraulic current brake Master brake cylinder, brake valve Reservoir and mounting, trailer brake Retarder Vacuum brake Vacuum control system Steering Assemblies Pitman arm Power steering Steering change – over system and manual transmission Steering gear housing Steering shaft Steering wheel Wheel position indicator Fuel system Additional fuel pump Assemblies Auxiliary fuel tank Bottle system Fuel filter Fuel lines Fuel tank Fuel tank (cont) Fuel tank attachment Oil reservoir Assemblies Oil reservoir and lines Exhaust line Assemblies Exhaust muffler and clips Exhaust pipe and clips Heater (crude gas heater, gas generator) Heater (vehicle heater) Radiator Assemblies Hot water heater Radiator core and water tank Radiator grille Radiator jacket Radiator mounting parts Radiator shroud Fire wall Assemblies Dashboard and bracket Fire wall panels Fire wall support and consoles Chassis sheet metal parts Air channelling pipes Assemblies Bumper and license plate Front fenders Hood Hood support frame Other sheet panels Rear fenders Running boards Electrical equipment and instruments Assemblies Battery Electrical line and accessories Fuse box and switch Generator drive in chassis Headlights High – tension components of trolley bus Instruments Instruments (cont) Interference suppression unit Special equipment Assemblies Driving components and accessories General and suspension Special units Start pilot Winding device (see also capstan winch and central lubrication) Capstan winch Assemblies Cable rollers and cable drum Capstan winch control Capstan winch mounting Driving parts Housing Winch gear Winding device Central lubrication Assemblies Foot – operated pump and attaching parts Lines Tools and accessories Accessories Assemblies Repair kits and gasket sets Special tools for repairs Tool box, bags, protective covers Tools Type and instruction plates Equipment Additional equipment Assemblies Marker rod, pennant and bracket Sand spreader Tire inflation pump, tire inflation cylinder Superstructure Assemblies Framework Substructure Accessories Assemblies Cross member Diagonal member Floor Gusset plates Mountings Rear and floor Side member Front wall Assemblies Fire wall Gusset plates Inner skin Members Panelling Pillars Struts Side walls Assemblies Gusset plates Inner skin Members Panelling Pillars Struts Rear wall, rear end Assemblies Gusset plates Inner skin Members Panelling Pillars Struts Roof Assemblies Bows Gusset plates Members Panelling Installed components, frame anchoring Assemblies Door frame Entrance frame Frame anchoring Intermediate floor Intermediate floor support Seat frame Wheel arch Window system Assemblies Curved roof lights Deflectors etc Front windows Rear window Panelling, lining Assemblies Cover for entrance Cover for front wall Filling pieces Instrument panel Noise dampener Panelling for front wall Panelling for pedestal Panelling for substructure Transmission cover Panelling, lining (cont) Assemblies Cover for rear end Cover for side wall Fixing bow Panelling for rear end Panelling for roof Panelling for side wall Rib flange, inside Rib flange, outside Partitions, inner doors Assemblies Center partition and panelling Door fittings Inner door, front Inner door, rear Panelling for partition Panelling for partition Partition, front Partition, rear Side door, front Assemblies Cover plates etc Door fittings Door framework Door trim Panelled door assy, panelling Window assembly Side door, rear Assemblies Cover plates etc Door fittings Door framework Door trim Panelled door assy, panelling Window assembly Rear wall door Assemblies Cover plates etc Door fittings Door framework Door trim Panelled door assy, panelling Window assembly External flaps Assemblies Fittings for external flap Door and window accessories Assemblies Automatic), front Center box pillar Control system), rear Door accessories Fittings Window accessories Soft top Assemblies Bow Canvas Cover plates etc Frame Locks Pillar Scissor frame components Tensioning link Window assembly Sliding roof Assemblies Frame Guides Lining Locks Panelling Attachments, bow rack Assemblies Attachments Coupe hard top shell Coupe hard top, complete Soft top stowage well Tarpaulin Tarpaulin frame Hydraulic and vacuum systems Assemblies Hydraulic and vacuum systems Hydraulic and vacuum systems (cont) Lines Equipment, interior appointments Ashtrays, vases Assemblies Curtains Folding and extension table Hand and protection rail Pennants etc Plates Sun visor, mirror Wardrobe, luggage shelf Electrical system Assemblies Electric drives Exterior lights Interior lights, cigar lighter Line routing Radio set Radio, clock, equipment Signalling devices (horns, headlight flasher, etc) Telephone Windshield wiper Ventilation, heating and cooling Assemblies Ducts Lines Control Heating and cooling equipment (cont) Heating and cooling equipment Panelling Air flaps Ventilator and slide valve Suitcases and containers Assemblies Bracket Case, cabinet Containers Drawers, shelves Letterbox, trash can Roof – rede Suitcases Luggage rack, steps Assemblies Folding steps Grate, pedestal Ladder Rack Rigid steps Tarpaulin Medical equipment, emergency equipment Assemblies Bracket Emergency equipment First aid kit and medical cabinet Sanitary equipment and toilet fire – fighting, safety belt Stretcher Washing system Fenders, hood, bumpers, etc Assemblies Bumpers and license plate Front fenders Hood Miscellaneous panels Mounting parts Radiator grille Rear fenders Steps Superstructure mounting, vehicle accessories Assemblies Battery, trailer coupling Fuel tank Locks Spare wheel Special tools Steering Sub frame Superstructure mounting Tools and equipment Front seats, driver’s seat Adjustment Back – to – back seats Assemblies Backrest frame Backrest frame Seat adjustment Seat cushion frame Seat frame Upholstery Seat accessories Additional cushion Armrest, fixed 1 Armrest, fixed 2 Armrest, folding 1 Armrest, folding 2 Assemblies Foot rests Headrests Headrests (rear compartment) General parts Antifriction bearings Assemblies Metal profiles Oils and greases, solder, protective agents Paints and lacquers Rubber profile, anti – squeak, etc Small superstructure parts Superstructure wooden and padded components Partially standardized parts Bolts, spacer tubes etc Bushings and sleeves Clamps Locking plates and snap rings Miscellaneous Screws, washers, nuts Springs Yokes, rod ends


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