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Mercedes-Benz Parts


At we make the purchasing of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories simple.
All genuine Mercedes-Benz parts carry the full Mercedes-Benz and Smart 2 year parts warranty 
, so buy with confidence from the UKs only official Mercedes-Benz & Smart online parts and accessory website.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories Configurtor.

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Looking for Mercedes-Benz accessories?

We can supply the full range of vehicle accessories, to make your Mercedes-Benz stand out in the crowd. We also offer a full range of Boutique items for all the family. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact one of our parts accessory specialists on 01865 848682

Please mention the website when speaking to our staff to ensure you our qouted the discounted website price 

Why Genuine Parts?

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most reputed and sought after brands of cars. It stands amongst other attributes for being long lasting, reliable and SAFE!

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts have been developed with these attributes in mind. Every part is not only specifically designed for Mercedes-Benz, but also has to pass constant quality control checks to ensure that every Mercedes-Benz car remains as safe and reliable as the day it first went on the road. In the unlikely event that the part should be faulty, all Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are covered by a 24 months parts warranty and will be replaced at no extra costs.

The producers of counterfeit or fake parts are not concerned with the safety of all road users or if the part will damage the vehicle. Such parts are made from sub-standard materials which may last only a short time or even jeopardise the safety of the car and its occupants.

How to Identify Genuine Parts?

Packaging used for Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts not only ensures the safe transport of these parts but also act as a foil against counterfeiters. The packaging distinguishes through a special design and uniform labeling.

In the case of prime line items, a specially developed hologram is used to seal the packaging. Prime line items are safety relevant parts, such as oil filters, brake pads or air filters, as well as parts which have to be replaced regularly.
When the packaging is opened, the hologram is destroyed and cannot be re-used. If buying Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, featuring the hologram always insist that the hologram is undamaged!

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are also marked with the protected Mercedes-Benz trademarks, as well as, if space is available, with the part number.

Counterfeit Consumables and Accessories

Counterfeiters do not stop only at parts: Mercedes-Benz Genuine consumables, such as engine oil and brake fluid or accessories such as alloy wheels can also be found.
Needless to say, fake engine oil can have damaging effects on the engine; leading to costly repairs and even possible replacement of the engine. Fake brake fluid can impair the performance of the brakes and may even cause brake failures.
Tests have also shown that counterfeit alloy wheels often show cracks and even break off after a small impact. The consequences can be life threatening.

Another example is the Genuine Mercedes-Benz Bonnet Star. It has been designed to automatically turn down backwards on impact. This is to prevent injuries to pedestrians. In the case of counterfeits, this mechanism is often faulty.

About us

As the largest independent retailer of Mercedes-Benz parts and vehicles in the UK we are dedicated to the provision of genuine parts to owners of Mercedes-Benz & smart passenger cars. We currently have over 2 million worth of genuine Mercedes-Benz & smart parts in stock ready to dispatch to you via next day delivery.


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